About the Company

TheBoyWhoCriedAction is a Singapore-based film production house that creates quality visual content catering to the needs of its clients. 

Armed with Jacky’s distinct visual style and strict eye for aesthetics, the company hopes to create work that is honest, sincere and stylish.

About Jacky (a.k.a. TheBoyWhoCriedAction)

Singaporean filmmaker Jacky Lee established TheBoyWhoCriedAction in 2012 after graduating from Swinburne School of Technology in Melbourne with a B.A. in Film & Television. His films are often visually vibrant with colourful characters, a catchy soundtrack and offbeat humour. 

Jacky’s short film Sunshine was an official selection at the Unofficial Google+ Film Festival 2013 and Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2014. It was also awarded the Silver Remi Award at the 47th WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival and Best Sound at the 5th Singapore Short Film Awards. 

Since then, Jacky has gone on to direct videos for brands like Gucci, Puma, Facebook and VICE China. On top of that, he is also keen to contribute to the local art and design scene, often directing videos for Singaporean musicians and brands as well as taking on lecturing gigs at Temasek Polytechnic, Lasalle School of The Arts and SOTA.